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Recombination of genes is normally limited to very high DNA sequence homology. The in vivo recombination technology approach extends these natural limitations to recombination of highly diverged sequences and thus enable...

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The EVIAGENICS' team assembles more than 20 years of industrial experience. The scientific background of the staff includes: General molecular biology (phages, bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells) Yeast and bacterial ge...

Cellular factories : the clean alternative

EVIAGENICS is a biotechnology company generating new products and sustainable fermentation processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. EVIAGENICS focus its activities on the development of cellular factories ...

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Eviagenics is a French biotech company that harnesses the best performing technology platform for the rapid and efficient generation of cellular factories devoted to the production of various high-value chemical molecules of commercial use. By developing its proprietary in vivo recombination technology, the company has achieved a double breakthrough in the field of synthetic biology, enabling:

- One-step optimisation of complete metabolic pathways. In vivo recombination is the only technology that allows to rapidly evolve long DNA sequences ( >20.000 base pairs) compared to other rival technologies, as well as a significant reduction of development time and costs;

- Significant improvements within these cellular factories, such as production yield, as well as generation of new products.

Eviagenics is now focusing on industrial and commercial applications of its technological platform, through (i) collaboration with key players in the field of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as (ii) the development of high-value in-house products.